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Our Wine

Our Wine

A small boutique winery, Chaumette produces five to six thousand cases of wine each year and is committed to utilizing the most advanced viticultural and wine making methods to hand-craft our wines with the utmost care. Our portfolio consists of a diverse range of wines, from dry to late harvest dessert wines and port.

Join us in our Tasting Room Wednesday through Monday for wine tastings; six tastes for $5. Tastings are complimentary for Wine Club Members.

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2012 Reserve Chardonel, $20
Our Reserve Chardonel is beautifully complex and Burgundian in style, with aromas of peach, citrus, a hint of vanilla, and a creamy mouth feel. Aged and fermented in French oak barrels.

Pairing: Pair with roasted nuts, creamy cheeses, shellfish, white meats, or light pasta dishes.

2013 Dry Rose, $19
Our dry rose, made from the juice of our Chambourcin grapes, was allowed a brief contact with the skins before it was cold fermented like a white wine.

Pairing: Delicate aromas of strawberries linger on the nose. The palate delivers excellent acidity with a wonderful crisp, clean finish. A wine for any occasion, pairs well with fish, poultry and spicy foods.

2013 Unoaked Chardonel, $19
This Chardonel is fermented in stainless steel, has fruit forward aromas of lemon, grapefruit and Fuji apple with a touch of honey, and a crisp mineral finish.

Pairing: Enjoy as an aperitif or pair with white meats. fish, tacos and other light fare

2012 Vignoles, $21
A beautiful balance between sweetness and acidity-lusciuous aromas of honeysuckle and melon, flavors of pineapple and apricot, and a crisp clean finish.

Pairing: Pair with Asian fare, fruit desserts and mild cheeses.

2013 Semi-dry Chardonel, $16
Light in body with fruit forward aromas of apricot, tropical fruit, and a lavish display of those fruits on the palate. Aged in stainless steel to promote a well balanced semi-dry wine.

Pairing: Pair with spicy or hot foods, such as Thai or Asian fare, mild cheeses and cream-based desserts.

2013 Traminette, $20
Vinified semi-dry, crisp, light and approachable. Whole berry pressed for maximum varietal character, with a bouquet of floral and spicy notes, and apricot grapefruit and honey on the palate.

Pairing: Try with spicy, hot, full-flavored foods such as: Indian, Thai, or Mexican fare.

Bouvet Blanc, N.V., $15
A lovely, white, sweet wine with a pear nose with peaches and honey, and undertones of spicy ginger.

Pairing: Serve as an aperitif, with picnic foods, or with light, cream desserts.

2011 Chambourcin, $18
This wine is medium bodied and gently spiced. Aged in American Oak, our Chambourcin shows the classic flavors of cherries and plums.

Pairing: Pair with fowl or light meat's fantastic with pizza!

2011 Reserve Norton, $32
Dry, full-bodied and aged in Missouri oak barrels. Bold aromas of black cherry, blackberry, raspberry and hints of black pepper and spice.

Pairing: Pair with barbeque, roasted meats, lamb, steak, pizza and lasagna.

Assemblage, N.V., $20
A blend of selected grape varieties, medium-bodied, with aromas of cherry, strawberry, and a touch of black pepper.

Pairing: A truly diverse food pairing wine: try with steak, wild game, poultry and fish. Perfect with light pasta, Tex-Mex and Asian cuisine.

Port 2010, $50
Our vintage Port is a blend of grape varieties selected to contribute desired attributes such as color, body, fruit or backbone to the final wine. Vinted in the classic port style, we stop fermentation by running the fermenting wine into grape Brandy, preserving the natural sugars. Chaumette's vintage Port spends 18 months or more resting in oak barrels before it is bottled.

Mosaic, N.V., $18
Chaumette is please to present Mosaic. Much like the artistic process of combining colors, shapes, and textures to create an expressive form of art, this wine is a combination of a blend of selected grapes and traditional wine-making practices to produce an expression of our dedication to hand-crafting Missouri wines of excellence.

Pairing: Fruit forward and medium-bodied, our Mosaic complements a diverse array of foods including roasted meats and poultry dishes...and it's terrific by itself!

Huguenot Red, N.V., $15
Fruity & sweet with an enticing blend of raspberry and cherry flavors.